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Alpine Meadows

  • The Firing Line – Lake Tahoe’s only mile-long terrain park has officially been dubbed The Firing Line. The Firing Line will offer medium to large features. Pick a line through Palisades and then hit the best jumps in Tahoe. Unique jib features will also be incorporated into this mile-long park. The Firing Line will start at the top of Alpine Bowl and wind down to the bottom of Sandy’s Corner.
  • Sidewinder – This mini snow cross/small park will include a series of banks, jumps and rollers through the trees. Sidewinder will also include a variety of natural jibs.
  • The Bunker – This beginner park is perfect for skiers and riders who are just starting out in the park. Get acquainted with the 10+ small jumps and boxes then progress to some of the medium features that Sidewinder and The Firing Line will offer.
  • Cannonball – Located off of the Subway Chair, Cannonball is the perfect progression park for kids. A series of “stop & drops” allow kids to gather at the top of features with their friends and call “dropping” when they are ready to hit the small features.
  • The Barracks – Located at Sandy’s Corner off of Roundhouse, The Barracks is the ultimate jib garden/arena. There will be a handful of rails and boxes. The best part? Watching your friends hit the features from the Sun Deck.

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