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Behind the Scenes with Mountain Movers

Season 1: Interview with Gunny

We are the best at what we do, but as a group, it’s undeniable.

The Snow Park Technologies crew is more than a just collection of park and jib builders, it’s a family. It’s a group of people who live and breath winter action sports. It’s a team of talented individuals, who collectively are “the best at what we do”.

Mountain Movers: GoPro Edit
Pat Moore Tours SPT HQ
Mountain Movers Teaser
SPT & Chevy Partner in Mountain Movers

Season 1, EP.1: Stairway to Hell – Dangerous Maneuvers

This feature has been the bane of my existence.

The signature staircase/wallride feature that SPT built for this year’s Dew Tour housed the biggest wallride that we have ever built – bar none. Between equipment failures, one of the worst early season’s on record, and the sheer size and weight of the wallride, just getting this feature into place was an accomplishment in its own right.

Running Nervous
The Rookie
No Snow
Dew Tour Wallride

Season 1, EP. 2: The Meltdown - Kicked in the Teeth

We gambled all the way…it keeps getting worse.

Sun Valley has one of the best snowmaking systems in world, so when they have trouble making snow, you know that conditions are terrible. On this project, SPT took a calculated risk in saying that we would be able to pull the build off, and Mother Nature made sure that we had to sweat it out all the way to the deadline.

Flailing Snake
The Snowboard Pro
Airbag Landing
The Meltdown

Season 1, EP. 3: The Big Time

It’s gonna be a show this year, dude. It’s gonna be sick.

When you build a feature like the X Games big air jump it is critical to have the athletes give you their feedback, in order to create the best product possible. To have an elite athlete like Bobby Brown give you his nod of approval, you know that things are going well.

The Big Test
Beat the Clock
Cutting Corners
X Games Big Air Venue Overview

Season 1, EP. 4: All Hands On Deck

Alright Frank, crack that whip!

The winch cat is hands down the most dangerous piece of equipment that we work with on the hill. In the midst of a stressful build like X Games, it is important to review safety practices with the crew, but also to have a bit of fun.

Mixing Business and Pleasure
Shredding the Mountain
Snowmobile Deal
X Games Jib Unload

Season 1, EP. 5: Monster Jump

It kind of psyches me out to have the ambulance right there, so I don’t know what it does for Jamie.

It is not everyday (or season, for that matter) that SPT has the opportunity to build a road gap jump. But when one of snowboarding’s top female riders comes to you with an idea to create a one of a kind feature at her home resort, Sierra-at-Tahoe, it is an opportunity that cannot be passed up.

The Inclonometer
Cat Down
Monster Jump

Season 1, EP. 6: Bear of a Job

I met Gunny 20 years ago at Snow Summit…that is where it all got started.

Gunny and Mike Binnell founded SPT in 1997 while they were working on Park Staff at Snow Summit. From just the two of them building the first X Games courses, SPT has grown to 18 fulltime employees, many of whom also got their starts in Big Bear.

GoPro Feature
On The Skids
Dance Floor Misstep
Jib Transportation Safety Meeting

Season 1, EP. 7: US Open

Who better to do the grunt work? If this thing hits the cab, I ain’t loosing my job.

The 2013 Burton US Open was the first time that we have ever experimented with using perforated metal on a jib feature. The metal is extremely easy to damage when moving around the mountain, but gave the wallride a really unique and fully functional new riding surface.

Untested Territory
Man Down
Burton US Open
Feature Spacing

Season 1, EP. 8: Judgment Day

I want things to be at the highest level possible, failure is not an option.

SPT’s greatest strength is in our collective ability to plan, design and execute on any given project. For the first time ever, the Oakley build at Squaw Valley and Alpine Meadows pitted two SPT teams against one another, and challenged each team to come up with the most creative feature possible.

Oakley Team Challenge
Losing Speed
Battle of the Crews
Judgment Day